5 Halloween-Themed Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween

source: Legendary Pictures

Get ready for your spooky Halloween night horror movie marathon

For those of you who know me, Halloween is my Christmas. When my calendar goes from September 30th to October 1st, there’s a switch in me that just wants to visit haunted houses, drink warm tea, and my personal favorite, watch scary movies. Every October, I (re)watch A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Exorcist, and get to follow along AMC’s yearly Friday the 13th marathon. However, when Halloween finally comes around, I have a hard time finding Halloween-themed horror movies to watch. From years of research, it’s surprisingly not a popular setting for these types of movies, but I’ve managed to find 5 that will definitely help with your October 31st horror marathon.

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‘Leatherface’ Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel Is Pointless And A Complete Waste Of Time

source: Lionsgate

Leatherface does nothing to add to the mythology of the franchise

As a lover of slasher films, I continue to cling to the idea that someday there might be a renewed interest. With all the supernatural ghosts stories as of late, slasher films would offer a nice change of pace in the horror industry. However, as much as I love this genre of horror, who asked for another Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie? Seeing that Leatherface only further proves that slasher films aren’t ready to be resurrected and that Texas Chain Saw Massacre wasn’t made to be a franchise.

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