5 Surprising Movies Of 2017

source: Warner Bros. Pictures

This year, many disappointing trends turned good

Each year, I want to celebrate films that changed my perspective of them. These 5 films aren’t necessarily the best movies of the year, but they surprised me in ways that I didn’t expect. These are movies that are either tied to a long tradition of terrible (either the franchise or the director) or just didn’t look good from the trailer but managed to defy all odds. Here are my 5 most surprising movies of 2017.

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‘Life’ Review: An ‘Alien’ Inspired Sci-Fi Horror That Plays It Safe

source: Columbia Pictures

Life is a solid generic sci-fi movie that will satisfy the genre obsessed

At first glance, Sony’s new space thriller, Life, may seem like just another disposable Alien re-hash, and on the surface, you may be right. It plays like something you’ve seen before and will eventually see in May when Alien: Covenant comes out. However, even when Life doesn’t have the depth nor the craft of Ridley Scott, what it does it does pretty well.

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