‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Review: Agatha Christie’s Popular Mystery Novel Loses​ Steam On Its Way To The Big Screen

source: 20th Century Fox

Just as it arrives at its destination, Murder On The Orient Express derails

No one can write a twisty murder story quite like the queen of mystery herself. Agatha Christie’s novels have been a particular pass time of mine since the day I’ve read the brilliant And Then There Were None, a story that inspired and continues to inspire many famous modern mystery films. Yet, I’ll be the first to admit that Mrs Agatha doesn’t get enough credit for her influence on TV and cinema. However, even in an attempt to give her the credit she deserves, this remake of Murder On The Orient Express just can’t quite capture the greatness of the novel.


‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Review: Taika Waititi Delivers The Funniest Marvel Movie To Date

source: Marvel

Taika Waititi creates a Thor movie worthy to be among the other Marvel entries

At this stage, it’s important for Marvel to keep pushing just what a superhero movie can be. With superhero movie fatigue on the rise, bringing in an established indie director such as Taika Waititi has proven to be one of Marvel’s greatest decision yet. Finally, Chris Hemsworth gets to showcase his comedic talent while getting a movie worthy to stand among the other entries of the forever lasting Marvel franchise.

‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ Review: A Ranchy Festive Sequel That Lack Its Predecessor’s Charm

source: STX Entertainment

A Bad Moms Christmas can’t help but feel like a rushed sequel wrapped in a cheap Christmas movie

I’m all for feminist female-centric comedy films. Heck, I even enjoyed Rough Nights despite the hate that film got. However, it’s hard to stand by A Bad Moms Christmas. What starts out as a movie about gender roles quickly becomes another cheesy and tacky Christmas movie. Even as an attempt to cozy us up to the inevitable Holiday season, A Bad Moms Christmas is here to remind me why I hate Christmas movies so much.

‘Stranger Things 2’ Review: Season 2 Is Bigger, Better, And Full Of Surprises

source: Netflix

Netflix’s most popular series is back and better than before

When Stranger Things first came to Netflix, it was the show that everyone was raving about, so much so that I decided to watch this 80s loving sci-fi horror series last year. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as big of a fan as everyone else. I thought it started off quite slow and the 80s “homages” were more like rip-offs. With that said, after Season 2, I have to say that the Duffer Brothers have finally made an 80s sci-fi-horror series that lives up to its name and fame.

‘The Snowman’ Review: Michael Fassbender Leads A Chilly And Dull Murder Mystery

source: Universal Pictures

Michael Fassbender lacks charisma in this melted murder mystery

There are two things required for any great murder mysteries: interesting characters with plenty of development and a suspenseful whodunnit mystery. The Snowman lacks in both departments. Like Last year’s The Girl On The Train, this snowy murder mystery is the latest novel-turned-movie to fall way short of the greatness of Gone Girl and from all three movies, it’s the least competent.

5 Halloween-Themed Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween

source: Legendary Pictures

Get ready for your spooky Halloween night horror movie marathon

For those of you who know me, Halloween is my Christmas. When my calendar goes from September 30th to October 1st, there’s a switch in me that just wants to visit haunted houses, drink warm tea, and my personal favorite, watch scary movies. Every October, I (re)watch A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Exorcist, and get to follow along AMC’s yearly Friday the 13th marathon. However, when Halloween finally comes around, I have a hard time finding Halloween-themed horror movies to watch. From years of research, it’s surprisingly not a popular setting for these types of movies, but I’ve managed to find 5 that will definitely help with your October 31st horror marathon.

‘Blade Runner 2049’ Review: Denis Villeneuve Delivers Big With A Darker And Bleaker Sequel

source: Warner Bros.

With Denis Villeneuve at the helm, Blade Runner 2049 is worthy sequel to one of sci-fi’s most influential film

As a cinephile, I tend to prefer original, different, and daring films. However, I’m completely stuck in a time where creative content is scarce. It’s a time where Hollywood likes to play it safe and what’s safer than sequels, remakes, and franchises. But who can blame them? These type of films tend to do more at the box office, and the audience seems to keep making that demand. But there comes Blade Runner 2049, a sequel that defies all odds. A continuation of one of sci-fi’s most controversial film but at the same time, it’s a stand-alone film, only inhabiting the Blade Runner universe. 2049 shows us how to make a great sequel and why they are so important.