‘Dunkirk’ Review: Christopher Nolan’s Sensory Masterpiece Is The Best War Movie Ever

source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Dunkirk is not your typical war movie, it’s better

I always found war movies to be a quick cash grab capable of bringing American movie-goers of all ages to their nearest theater. It’s that kind of universally liked movie that can make money, win Oscars, and there is an abundance of war stories to choose from. Don’t get me wrong, there are some impressive war movies out there like Saving Private Ryan and last year’s Hacksaw Ridge. However, I’ve never seen a war story so masterfully done quite like Nolan’s Dunkirk. It transcends its movie qualities to become a cinematic experience constantly playing with your sensory system.


‘The Big Sick’ Review: Kumaii Nanjiani’s Romantic Comedy Is Filled With Real Performances

source: Elevation Pictures

Kumaii Nanjiani’s love story is real in every way possible 

After Nicholas Sparks and Adam Sandler, romance and comedy movies were never the same. What was once highly respected genres quickly became parodies of themselves recycling the same old tropes. However, what both person horrifically injected in the genre were a sense of artificiality. The story they were telling were situations that happen only in movies and would never in real life. The Big Sick is the very reaction to this trend. Michael Showalter’s latest comedy brings back a sense of realness and much-needed diversity to both genres even when the product suffers during the third act.

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ Review: Matt Reeves Closes A Strong Trilogy With The Best Of The Franchise

source: 20th Century Fox

The Planet of the Apes franchise is the best modern blockbuster trilogy

We’re at a time in movie history where trilogies are not the goal that they once were. Sure, we have the new Star Wars, but now it’s mostly about creating a cinematic universe where each entry is different yet still fit within the larger picture. When you hear about movies like Scream 3 or The Last Jedi, you start to see why the switch from trilogies to universes happened. Almost all the third entries are the worst in a franchise. For War for the Planet of the Apes to go back to the roots of trilogies is risky. After two great movies, War is the best of the franchise proving that modern trilogies can be done right.

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Review: Tom Holland Stars In The Best Spider-Man Movie Yet

source: SONY

Tom Holland is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man we all wanted from the start

After Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man had a revival. People started remembering their favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. However, Sony has never actually portrayed Spider-Man as the lovable high school nerd that he is and fans have always wanted an accurate depiction of Spidey. Spider-Man: Homecoming rights that wrong with Tom Holland giving it his all as the spider hero. While Homecoming isn’t perfect, it may just be the best Spider-Man movie that Sony has ever produced.

Best Movies of 2017 (So Far)

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As we reach the halfway point of 2017, here’s a look at the best movies of the year

I’ll be the first to admit: this year hasn’t been great for movies so far. Nothing has completely blown me away yet and that’s no surprise considering releases like Transformers: The Last Knight, The Mummy or Rings. With titles like these together it’s an easy reminder that 2017’s movie season hasn’t been all that great. Still, I will keep my hope that after the summer there will be that Arrival or Moonlight just waiting to blow my mind away.

For now, though, it’s time to celebrate the movies that weren’t a shit show. And while there wasn’t that stand out movie, just yet, I’m going to highlight 7 movies (each in alphabetical order) that caught my attention during the first part of the year.

‘Baby Driver’ Review: Edgar Wright’s Stylish Action Film Is A Music Lover And Film Buff’s Ultimate Dream

source: SONY

Ansel Elgort stars in a wild alternative ecstasy car ride

Are you the kind of person that loves watching hours of music videos? Do you wish that there could somehow be a full feature length music video for you to indulge both your love of film and your love of music? Edgar Wright’s latest film, Baby Driver, is the closest you’ll get to see a music video on the big screen and it’s as awesome as you’d imagine. In a summer full of generic summer movies, Baby Driver is something new.

‘Okja’ Review: Bong Joon-ho’s Eccentric And Environmentally Friendly Dramedy Is The Cutest Movie Of The Year

source: Netflix

Netflix’s original movie curse has been broken by a modern day E.T

It was a long time since Netflix made a good original movie. Beasts of No Nation was supposed to start a new era of theater-quality movies you can watch on your own TV or computer and what came next were mediocre films not worth anyone’s time. With Netflix’s Cannes entry finally available to everyone, it revamps once again how we see movies. Okja is daring, stylish and original, a kind of movie that is too risky for blockbusters today.