– ANNABELLE: CREATION: The Conjuring Universe Is Off To A Solid Start

source: Warner Bros. Pictures

After Marvel successfully made it, DC tried it, then, the Dark Universe tried it, and now The Conjuring is trying it. Of course, I’m talking about the ever-so-popular cinematic universe. The series of films that studios want more than a franchise, the money machines that power studios to fame, but the thing that sacrifices the now for the future.

We’ve seen it with the DCEU, we’ve seen it with the Dark Universe, but surprisingly, The Conjuring universe is shaping up to be, at least, a decent horror universe. That surely wasn’t the case when Annabelle first came along, as I wasn’t very convinced that a universe surrounding Ed and Lorraine Warren could work. However, Annabelle: Creation defies all odds and serves as a solid start to what could be a very promising universe.

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