‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Review: Tom Holland Stars In The Best Spider-Man Movie Yet

source: SONY

Tom Holland is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man we all wanted from the start

After Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man had a revival. People started remembering their favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. However, Sony has never actually portrayed Spider-Man as the lovable high school nerd that he is and fans have always wanted an accurate depiction of Spidey. Spider-Man: Homecoming rights that wrong with Tom Holland giving it his all as the spider hero. While Homecoming isn’t perfect, it may just be the best Spider-Man movie that Sony has ever produced.

After being part of the Avengers, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is on cloud nine just waiting to get a call back from Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). In the meantime, he dresses up as Spider-Man and fights crime in his neighborhood. However, there’s an evil villain (Michael Keaton) selling alien powered weapons to criminals and Spider-Man needs to stop him before he destroys his entire city.

It’s refreshing that Spider-Man: Homecoming is in no way, shape or form an origin story. It dives right in the main story and knows that people know how Spider-Man came to be. It opens up so many opportunities to give Peter Parker some much-needed character development and it takes every opportunity. The director gets to explore more of Peter Parker’s friendships and high school self, making it the best Spider-Man I’ve ever seen in a movie. This section is only half of what makes him good, the other half is Tom Holland. His performance is that of an ordinary teenager and his comedic timing is perfect. You truly believe that Spider-Man could be you or me.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is as much of an action movie as it is a comedy. A lot of its comedic moments is the self-awareness that Homecoming wears on its sleeve. It’s aware of all the things you may be aware of like the very young and sexy Aunt May or that Spider-Man is supposed to be a friendly neighborhood hero. All these jabs at either comic book movie culture or Spider-Man himself work great within the Spider-Man universe. They are hilarious and make the more cliche parts a fun watch.

Tom Holland is the best depiction of Spider-Man yet – source: SONY

At its best, Homecoming focuses on Spider-Man and his high school buddies. The supporting cast is great and every one of them does exactly what they need to do. They are incredibly diverse and it feels like a real high school. The scenes involving them and Holland feel genuine without going into cheesy high school movie territory. A surprising standout among the supporting cast is Zendaya. Her line deliveries were always on point. Also, the action scenes involving them work the best because you get to know them better and you feel for them, creating more stakes.

However, the focus, while mainly on our beloved hero, isn’t always with the high school teens and this creates a problem. Michael Keaton’s villain, The Vulture, and his evil plan are not as interesting as Peter Parker’s secret double life. The disconnect makes the action sequences, with the Vulture, not as interesting or engaging as the action concerning his friends. At the beginning, the dynamic between him and the villain never really works and seems completely forced.

About halfway through, it makes the fuels the rather dull dynamic and this is what I admire most about Spider-Man: Homecoming; its ability to redeem itself. Homecoming fixes its disconnect between Peter and the villain and at the same time, it delivers some of the best-directed scenes of the whole film. It’s a reveal that should have been made sooner but at least it made work. It completely erases all the problems for the second half of the film and finishes on a high note.

While some could lament the potential it could have had if this reveal would have been sooner, I would rather focus on Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s ability to redeem itself, a quality that is pretty rare in movies. However, even in the first half, there are incredibly thrilling and funny moments that shine throughout. And one thing is for sure, it doesn’t take away that fans of Spider-Man now have a pretty accurate depiction of the nerdy hero they always wanted see.


Spider-Man: Homecoming is released on July 7. 

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