Best Movies of 2017 (So Far)

source: Warner Bros. Pictures

As we reach the halfway point of 2017, here’s a look at the best movies of the year

I’ll be the first to admit: this year hasn’t been great for movies so far. Nothing has completely blown me away yet and that’s no surprise considering releases like Transformers: The Last Knight, The Mummy or Rings. With titles like these together it’s an easy reminder that 2017’s movie season hasn’t been all that great. Still, I will keep my hope that after the summer there will be that Arrival or Moonlight just waiting to blow my mind away.

For now, though, it’s time to celebrate the movies that weren’t a shit show. And while there wasn’t that stand out movie, just yet, I’m going to highlight 7 movies (each in alphabetical order) that caught my attention during the first part of the year.

Baby Driver

source: SONY

Edgar Wright’s latest off-beat movie is a pseudo-musical action thriller about a getaway driver named Baby played by Ansel Elgort. Yes, it has a lot on its plates but Baby Driver manages to exceed all expectations. It’s a fun, original summer movie that is also an exercise in stylistic cinema. How Baby Driver uses its soundtrack is creative and so much fun. If you haven’t checked out Baby Driver yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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Get Out

source: Blumhouse Productions

The year’s first surprise goes to Jordan Peele’s horror-comedy, Get Out. It plays like any other horror movie but what makes it special is the clever social commentary it weaves into its plot. Get Out follows a black man’s first visit to his white girlfriend’s parent’s house. From there on Peele is able to construct subtle racist remarks and clever banter before diving into a more psychedelic and original route. It is very much a movie made for the current political climate and it works extremely well in it.

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It Comes At Night

source: A24

Probably the most controversial pick on this list, It Comes At Night is a slow psychological thriller where everyone is escaping a disease that kills you. It’s a daring movie that was, unfortunately, falsely marketed as a monster movie. Its marketing campaign fueled people to expect things that were false but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with this post-apocalyptic thriller. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before and brilliantly succeeds its concept. Drain out all your expectation and give it a second look, you may like it more than you think.

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John Wick: Chapter 2

source: Focus Features

Still the most visually stunning movie I’ve seen all year, John Wick deliver yet again. What seemed like a one shot deal, Chad Stahelkis turned it to an unlikely franchise and oh boy, does it work! John Wick: Chapter 2 takes place right after the first and follow Wick’s awesome travels. I described Chapter 2 as ”an action film for art house fans” as it creates visual eye candy. Oh, and it has an amazing action sequence in an art gallery.

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source: 20th Century Fox

If you’re tired of superhero movies, then I have a superhero movie just for you. Logan is a western-style comic book movie that is unlike other superhero movies you’ve seen. It’s a direct reaction to the ”superhero movie fatigue” trend that has been happening. Logan also goes deeper than most superhero movies. It speaks about the hate toward immigrants in America and features a Spanish-speaking X-23.

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source: Focus World

What happens when you eat raw meat at a college hazing? If you’re in Raw then you become an uncontrollable cannibal. Except, Raw isn’t a story about cannibalism but a story of female sexuality and identity. Sounds bizarre? It is but it’s what makes Raw such a powerful and shocking story. Just a heads up, if you are easily disgusted, you might not want to watch this French horror story. It’s unapologetically sexual and gory.

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Wonder Woman

source: Warner Bros. Pictures

For movie-goers who had been following the DCEU, there wasn’t much anticipation for Wonder Woman. We were plain wrong. Wonder Woman will probably end up being this year’s big surprise. Director Patty Jenkins has constructed a feminist superhero that is filled with genuine emotions and truly heartwrenching moments, aspects lacking in other DCEU entries. It’s the first female-directed, female-led superhero movie and will forever be known as the saving grace of the DCEU.

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What is your favorite movie of the year so far? How does it compare to last year?

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