‘Rings’ Review: ‘The Ring’ Sequel Is Completely Uninspired And Boring

source: Paramount Pictures

Rings forgets to be scary but doesn’t forget to be boring

The Ring was and still is one of those rare horror remakes that turned out to be good. Now, 15 years later, we have Rings, a sequel for the modern age. With social media and Youtube, Rings can surely cook up a scary modern day sequel, right? No. The only thing scary in Rings is the fact that people still watch VHS tapes.

Taking place in modern day, Julia (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) is preparing for her boyfriend, Holt (Alex Roe) to leave for college. After 6 weeks, she gets a weird phone call from a mysterious girl about Holt. Worried, Julia goes to her boyfriend’s college only to figure out that his professor, Gabriel (Johnny Galecki) has selected him to watch a mysterious tape known to kill people seven days after the person watches it.

One night, Julia decides to watch this tape only to find out that her tape is different from the others. With only seven days to find out what the tape means, she and her boyfriend set out to find the answers.

Rings is basically a remake disguised to look like a sequel. The narrative is precisely the same as the first one but without the suspense or dread. Look, Rings barely has any substance, heck, it barely has an ending. The whole movie is just a partial idea stretched out to be a movie. Nothing happens. There is no build up, there is no climax, there is no ending, there is absolutely nothing.

Rings doesn’t even try to deliver a worthy sequel – source: Paramount Pictures

Where The Ring had a sense of urgency, Rings forgets the concept of time altogether. The characters never look at any clocks nor do you know which day you are. As a result, “You will die in seven days” is the most useless sentence in Rings. This sense of urgency is non-existent making this sequel suspense-free. With no plot and no sense of dread, the constant loud and pointless jump scares are what kept me awake during this movie.

Most of Rings is just a bunch of people walking and talking. Even during the resolution, the characters are constantly explaining to the viewer what the hell is going on. This is director F. Javier Gutiérrez’s big reveal to why this woman is obsessed with a shitty hipster experimental short film.

You’re probably wondering, well at least they explained to us what was going on at the end, right? Well, not so fast. What they describe makes the whole movie look more stupid (I know, I thought it wasn’t possible either). The whole movie is now a flaw, and it doesn’t make sense on its own and in the whole franchise.

Of course, like all shitty horror movies, there has to be a possibility of another sequel. Rings has the audacity to open the door for what could have been this film, right at the very end. It’s only there for you to see the real motive for making another Ring movie. Yes, to waste your time and money.


Rings is released February 3. 

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