Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2016


There’s was a lot of great horror movies this year

Whoever said that the horror genre is dying is just plain wrong. If they want evidence then show them this list. The horror genre is probably in a healthier state then back in the 1980s. We are getting high budget and original horror movies something that didn’t happen back in the 1980s. We got a lot of different kinds of horrors and not just supernatural ones. The horror genre is going through a resurrection and it is the genre to look forward to in 2017. But before looking at 2017, let’s take a look back at the best horror movies of 2016.

10. Green Room


Green Room is a movie that people liked more than me. Still, it’s visually stunning, and it’s not afraid to tell a different story. When we first find out that Anton Yelchin’s character is a Jew in a white supremacist and neo-nazi bar, things get rather suspenseful. From there on Green Room continues to build on thrills and delivers a huge amount of gory fun.

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9. Hush


Who knew that a Netflix original movie would be one of this year’s best horror movie? Hush is a surprisingly simple horror movie that works on multiple levels. Directed by Mike Flanagan, this stalker flick gives its main character something movies tend to shy away from – muteness and deafness. Just that small idea gives Hush a more suspenseful nature and the audience is sure to side with the underdog.

8. Lights Out


Turning short films into full-length movies almost always fails, except for Lights Out. Instead of trying to stretch out what worked in the short film, they kept what worked and came up with a pretty smart family dynamic surrounding the creature. Borrowing James Wan’s formula, the scares are that of The Conjuring, and it is pretty compelling.

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7. Ouija: Origin Of Evil


Ouija: Origin Of Evil was probably the most surprising horror movie of 2016. Taken that Ouija was my worst movie of 2014, it’s predecessor is one of the rare horror movies that learned from its mistake. It was a big of a risk because Ouija’s box office was huge and although, Ouija: Origin Of Evil didn’t do as well as the first one, it was a way better movie.

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6. The Neon Demon


The controversial Nicolas Winding Refn returns with The Neon Demon, another controversial movie. This time Refn dived into the horrors of the fashion industry. Refn proves that beauty and narcissism can be terrifying and disturbing. Jena Malone does one of the most disturbing actions in cinema this year. If you thought the beauty industry couldn’t get any more terrifying, then let The Neon Demon change your mind.

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5. The Conjuring 2


Back in 2014, The Conjuring was my favorite horror movie of that year. Now, it’s #5, and I loved it slightly more than the first one. The Conjuring 2 has everything horror movies tend to lack. It builds on an excellent relationship between Ed and Lorraine, and it gave us characters we can actually care about. James Wan rips a page from Hitchcock’s handbook to create some of the most suspenseful scares of the year. That nun still haunts my nightmares.

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4. Don’t Breathe


I couldn’t find any better title than Don’t Breathe because I almost died of lack of breath when watching this suspenseful horror. Another horror movie that actually understood what a good horror movie needs. It has the suspense, it has the creepy factor, and it has the scares. Don’t Breathe gave us another heroin worth our time and

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3. The Invitation


The Invitation was one of my favorite movies at the beginning of the year. It features an awkward dinner party filled with people with no filters. Has awkward as it is terrifying, The Invitation gets uneasy just as the invitees start spilling out their secrets. However, the problem is that it may just be the perception of the main character of the situation. Who wouldn’t feel awkward at your ex-wife’s dinner party?

2. 10 Cloverfield Lane


Another surprising horror movie, 10 Cloverfield Lane was announced just 2 weeks before it’s release in theaters. It made waves online as people were anticipating a sequel to the popular Cloverfield movie. At first, watching the film, it didn’t seem like a Cloverfield movie at all. They ditched the shaky found footage camera and focused more on a girl who has kidnapped. John Goodman plays the kidnapper, and he lets the audience decides if he is doing it for her own good or if he is just fulfilling his own deranged fantasy.

1. The Witch


A lot of horror fans didn’t like The Witch. Some found it rather annoying and some found it hard to understand because of the authentic accents. For me, The Witch is by far the best horror movie of 2016. It’s disturbing, creepy and horrifying. Director Robert Eggers perfectly captures the idea of sexuality, feminity, and paranoia of that time. His metaphorical witch and beautiful use of religious symbolism are just two of his bright ideas. There’s a lot of things right with The Witch, and it deserves to be a modern horror classic.

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