‘Mulholland Drive Criterion Collection’ Blu-Ray Review: A Collection Just As Dreamy As The Movie Itself

Mulholland Drive continues to have a certain appeal

The Criterion Collection has outdone itself with a beautifully hazy collection of Mulholland Drive

Sweet dreams are definitely made of this. Mulholland Drive is considered to be David Lynch’s best work and just like his previous movies, this one is a mind boggling LSD trip. Lynch is known for his dreamy, surrealistic style finding success with Eraserhead and more recently, Twin Peaks. His TV show about a girl getting murdered has all the talk in 1990. Everyone wanted

His TV show about a girl getting murdered has all the talk in 1990. Everyone wanted an answer to the famous question “Who killed Laura Palmer.” However, after the grand reveal, the show got canceled and is only being brought back in 2017. Before that, Lynch worked on a Twin Peaks spin-off which would later be called Mulholland Dr. After being refused, Lynch decided that his pilot episode could become a movie. He cast Noami Watts as the lead and from there on only magic was created.

Luckily, The Criterion Collection was able to bring that magic back. The collection doesn’t dive into why the movie was made and what it represents. None of the extras have experts try to decode the bizarre mind of Lynch. He is very well known to keep his films ambiguous and let his audience decides what it all means.

Criterion’s beautiful dreamy Blu-Ray cover

Criterion finds other things to discuss like how the actors felt while filming. Interviews with Lynch, Watts, Theroux, Harring, Director of Photography Peter Deming, composer Angelo Badalamenti, production designer Jack Fisk, and casting director Johanna Ray are fascinating in their own sense. They don’t try to explain what the meaning of the film, but how each of them contributed to and how they felt during filming.

The stand out of these interviews has to be Watts, who talks about her infamous masturbation scene. While admitting she didn’t want to partake in such action, Lynch helped her get through the scene and told her it was good for the movie. It was definitely worth it as Mulholland Drive continues to have a certain appeal. Heck, just a couple of months ago, it was named the Best Film of the 21st Century by BBC Culture.

It was definitely worth it as Mulholland Drive continues to shine both story-wise and aesthetically. Criterion keeps the essence of Lynch’s hazy, foggy visuals while totally revamping the picture to a crisp Blu-Ray quality.

Criterion understands Lynch’s movies as they never try to explain the weirdness and mystery surrounding his filmmaking. Instead, they augment the Lynchian experience and take you deeper into Lynch’s world. It’s like going on a spaceship when you have no idea where you’re going. The only difference is that for Criterion’s Mulholland Drive it totally works.


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