5 Unconventional Christmas Movies For People Who Hate Christmas Movies

source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Christmas movies are not for everyone but here are some off-beat films for the Christmas haters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for Christmas movie lovers. If you’re like me, then Christmas movies probably aren’t your cup of tea. Rom-Coms and festive comedies are usually what dominates the Christmas movie genre, and they’re usually not very good. Don’t believe me? You remember Jingle All The Way, Christmas With The Kranks or even Four Christmases? I hope not.

It is hard to find a movie to watch during the holidays but don’t you worry, I got your back. I found the unimaginable, good Christmas movies to watch if you are not a fan of cheesy Christmas movies.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Jack Skellington is us during Christmas – source: Skellington Productions

Tim Burton’s holiday classic is perfect for the person who despises Christmas and has a deep fond love for Halloween. Sounds impossible? Well, The Nightmare Before Christmas has it all. It finds a balance between being a Christmas movie and being something entirely different. If you’re still stuck in October reminiscing about those haunted houses and those carved pumpkins during the holidays, let Jack Skellington guide through it.

Eyes Wide Shut 

Cults and Christmas don’t go hand in hand…depending on who you ask – source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Christmas can make you question if you even belong here. Stanley Kubrick sure knows the feeling. In his swan song, Tom Cruise goes a journey to discover himself during the most inconvenient time of year – Christmas. If you like dark cult movies, then Eyes Wide Shut may be for you. Just don’t expect to be overwhelmed with Christmas spirit after this one but who does anyway?

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 

“Merry Christmas, sorry I fucked you” – source: Warner Bros. Pictures

The good old murder mystery Christmas movie. Robert Downey Jr. stars in this Christmas satire with a neo-noir twist. The characters are a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief. This is definitely not at the top of your Christmas loving friends list, which makes it perfect for your pitch black heart.


Santa brings the gifts, Krampus brings the pain – source: Legendary Pictures

The German holiday favorite has finally got a movie, and it’s really good. This horror-comedy will appeal to both fans of Gremlins and Trick r Treat. It celebrates the dark side of the holiday by actually giving those naughty kids what they deserve. It starts off mocking your typical Christmas comedy before turning into a full-on scare fest. Next time those pesky Christmas carolers come cheerfully singing at your doorstep, show them Krampus and they’ll definitely leave you alone.


3 rules for a perfect Christmas: no sun, no water, and no food past midnight – source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Anyone hates just how commercialized Christmas has become? Then check out my personal favorite, Gremlins. It critiques Christmas and how everything about it has become a way for businesses to profit. It’s both funny and dark while still having a conversation about Christmas. The creepy reimaging of “Silent Night” will definitely feel like you’re watching your very own Christmas nightmare. Joe Dante will make you think twice next time your kids beg for a dog as a present.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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