Top 5 Movies Not To Miss This November

There’s a lot of movies coming out in November

November will almost be like the Summer 2016 we never had. At least ten movies are coming out that deserves attention, but as I always say, the majority of people only go to the movies once every month. A lot of interesting stuff will also happen, Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them will duel at the box office. Who will win? Hacksaw Ridge looks to dazzle Oscar fans, and Andrew Garfield is hoping for that Best Actor Nomination. My favorite director, Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Sicario), is looking for a Best Picture Nomination as well with his new movie Arrival. Amy Adams going strong this month as well being the lead in both Arrival and Nocturnal Animals. Her performance in Arrival is getting Oscar buzz. Will we finally get those Oscar movies we’ve been waiting for? Birth of a Nation was a big disappointment, and the Oscar race is still wide open. Arrival, Nocturnal Animals, and Hacksaw Ridge could finally be it.

Here’s my list of must see movies of November.

5. Doctor Strange

In theaters November 4th

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 86%

The MCU has had quite a name about now. As the DCEU continues to fail to make itself relevant, Marvel is just getting better and better. Sure, the Superhero trend is starting to tire people, but Doctor Strange is still looking to get a big opening. Marvel has always had played safe, and while people like, some are getting tired of it. However, from the trailers, Doctor Strange doesn’t look like your typical Marvel movie. Surrealistic images and magic will sure be something different. This could either be a good tactic or a bad one.

4. Hacksaw Ridge 

In theaters November 4th 

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 91%

You would’ve thought that Andrew Garfield would be a Best Actor contender? Certainly not me. But from what everyone is saying, his performance here is compelling. Mel Gibson finally directs again, and his style has gotten a lot of fans. He uses extreme violence and religious tactics to get people to see his movie. His religious tactics have seen him in controversy before via Passion of the Christ, and here people are wondering just how strong the Christian agenda is and if it will appeal to a more secular society.

3. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 

In theaters November 18th

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 82%

Harry Potter is back! Well, sort of. J.K Rowlings’ small book is supposedly getting five movies. Fans will be happy as they continue to want more Harry Potter films and why not? The films have proved to be box office gold and with the sequels, spin-offs, and prequels culture, it’s the perfect time for Fantastic Beasts. However, how many Harry Potter films is too much? Will Fantastic Beasts be one too many Potter movies? Or is five movies just asking too much?

2. Arrival

In theaters November 11th

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 97%

Denis Villeneuve just doesn’t get enough recognition, but Arrival may be his golden ticket. Amy Adams is in the same boat as Villeneuve. The underrated actress may have struck gold both in Nocturnal Animals and in Arrival. Buzz also suggests that Adams’ performance in Arrival is Oscar worthy. Villeneuve’s movie looks to be a strong competitor for Best Picture and maybe just maybe that will get him a Best Director Nomination. Sadly, even with all the Oscar buzz, no one seems particularly interested in this movie. Will box office numbers kill this films’ chances at Oscars?

1. Nocturnal Animals

In theaters November 18th

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 84%

Jake Gyllenhaal may be another underrated actor. After his snub for Best Actor for his performance in Nightcrawler, he continues to struggle to find gigs. However, the gigs he does find are usually lovely ones like this. Nocturnal Animals is directed by Tom Ford, who is most famous as a fashion designer. Don’t let that fool you because Ford has directed good movies in past like A Single Man. With Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal coming in at the height of their careers, Nocturnal Animals could be a big success. If all else fails then at least, you know the movie will be visually stunning.

Which movie are you more excited to see? 


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