Top 5 Movies Not To Miss This October

Halloween season has finally arrived and yet not one horror movie looks good

October is finally here! Being probably one of the prettiest months of the year; here’s to hoping that the movies will be the same. With Halloween getting closer, Hollywood is gearing up to please horror fans. This year has been particularly good for horror with the likes of Don’t Breathe, The Witch and The Conjuring 2However, the big question is will this trend continue just when people actually want to see them? Usually, October isn’t a good month for horror fans and this October looks to be no different. This year we’re getting Ouija: Origin of Evil and Rings. None of them look like movies you need to rush to see in theaters.

October has other movies to showcase. The controversial The Bith of a Nation will be released this month and everyone’s favorite book adaption The Girl On The Train is looking to ride on Gone Girl’s success. Speaking of Gone Girl, Ben Affleck is looking to get you excited for his new movie, The Accountant. Tom Cruise is at it again with his action thriller sequel, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Where do they all stack up? Let’s rank which movies are worth watching this October.

5. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

In theaters October 21st

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 58%

Tom Cruise has always been an actor worth watching. With movies like Top Gun, Eyes Wide Shut and Edge of Tomorrow, he never fails to deliver as an actor. So, it’s no surprise that the sequel to Jack Reacher should be on everyone’s watch list. However, anyone who has seen Jack Reacher knows that the movie wasn’t one of Cruise’s best movie. Only rocking a score of 62% on Rotten Tomatoes, it was close to rotten. Still, the sequel will try to gain some momentum and try to become a franchise it wants so hard to become.

4. The Accountant

In theaters October 14th

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 90%

Drawing on a mysterious campaign, the trailers of this movie leave a sense of unknown. This campaign can make or break this film at the box office. On the bright side, it does look good. It has that mysterious factor to keep you guessing. However, it’s a gamble and just when Ben Affleck has revived is acting career with David Fincher’s Gone Girl, he desperately needs this to be a hit as well.

3. The Girl On The Train 

In theaters October 7th

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 74%

The best-selling book that was marketed as the new Gone Girl is getting the big screen treatment and a similar release date. Coming from the director of The Help (75%), it may just be a great movie. Emily Blunt stars in the movie adaptation, and she definitely needs this film to be a success. She never had that big break that she desperately needs. Could The Girl On The Train be her breakthrough?

2. Moonlight 

In limited theaters October 21st

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 95% 

Getting its first theater release after being hailed at various film festivals, Moonlight will be looking to appeal to the wide-open Oscar race. After Sully and The Light Between Oceans failed to make much Oscar buzz, the race is wide open. It has exactly the plot to appeal to the Oscar and the artsy film-making that is commonly associated with. However, The Birth of a Nation, another big Oscar contender is opening to a wide release this month. Will it eclipse the black coming of age story?

1. The Birth of a Nation

In theaters October 7th

Rotten Tomatoes Prediction: 81%

Talk about controversy! Before, a clear Oscar-winning movie, now an uncertainty lingers. After the director, Nate Parker’s rape allegations and his controversial statement about him not playing a gay character because he wants to preserve the “black masculinity,” the talk became less about his movie and more about him. Some even go to say that while it may get an Oscar nomination, it certainly won’t win. Parker had a lot of backlash for his allegation and statement and it may transcend to his movie one way or another.

Other Movies To Consider Seeing: 

Paramount Pictures’ RINGS
  • Shin Godzilla
  • Inferno
  • Rings
  • Keeping Up With The Joneses

Movies To Avoid Seeing: 

Mike Flanagan directs OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL
  • Ouija: Origin of Evil

What are your must-see movies this October? 



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  1. MovieManJackson

    I was hooked on The Accountant ever since the 1st trailer and that marvelous Radiohead song appeared!

    Saw The Birth of a Nation a few days ago (lucky enough to get an advanced screening). I thought it was good and Parker was great, probable Oscar nominee but I do not think he’ll win. And the movie is not without its issues imo.

    • Zachary Doiron

      I feel you! Ever since I saw The Accountant trailer, I was hooked as well!
      And for The Birth of a Nation, your lucky! I wish there was advanced screenings in my region but I live in the middle of nowhere in Canada so no advance screenings for me haha. I can’t wait to see it though!

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