‘When The Bough Breaks’ is a ‘Fatal Attraction’ recycled disaster – REVIEW

Screen Gems has yet another all African-American romantic thriller to show its September audience

The psychotic girl is obsessed with the married man; now this sounds similar. It’s precisely the premise of When The Bough Breaks. Now, there have been many many movies that have tried to ride the coattails of Fatal Attraction, and while some worked (Gone Girl), some didn’t (The Perfect Guy). The difference lies that the not so good movies tend to straight out copy Fatal Attraction, while the good ones usually are more inspired by the film.

Morris Chestnut;Jaz Sinclair

This time around, it revolves around a wealthy couple, Laura (Regina Hall) and John (Morris Chestnut) Taylor, looking to live the perfect American Dream. They have everything except a baby, so they decide to bring in a surrogate (Jaz Sinclair) to deliver their baby. That quickly turns into a disaster when the surrogate is forced to leave her surroundings and come live with the parents of her child. And a disaster it becomes.

Nowhere is this movie looking to be good. Sure, it has Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall’s terrific performances, but the movie around them is significantly lacking. The premise has been done better a million times before. The romantic thriller is just a flat out copy of its predecessors. Nothing amusing is added to this recycled storyline, and it keeps being predictable time and time again. The surrogate becomes in love rather quickly with the married man and oh wait, newsflash; she’s psycho. It’s funny how at the beginning of the movie they try to make a decoy by trying to have the audience believe the surrogate isn’t making her decisions by herself. However, if you have watched the trailer, you clearly know that this girl is psychotic.

When The Bough Breaks‘ storyline is continually being constructed with the characters’ inability to make good decisions. This is are what is called “movie decisions,” a decision so dumb that only serves to advance the plot of a movie. If the characters were remotely human, the majority of the decision would not have been made, thus, no movie. The film needs these dumb decisions because without them there’s nothing to make. All that’s left are some bland characters.


The writing department was not good either. It sometimes felt like the script was made in a matter of minutes. Yes, the plot is cliched and depend on the characters’ dumb decisions, but there’s also the cheesy and flat out horrendous lines the actors said to each other. All realism this movie was holding on to (if any) just slowly escaped each time someone opened their mouths.

When The Bough Breaks isn’t trying to impress anyone. It’s a movie made to get some quick cash and nothing else, but it’s only When The Bough Breaks you’ll notice you have wasted your hard earned money.


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