‘Suicide Squad’ can’t surrond its cast with a decent movie – REVIEW

David Ayer fails to rescue a desperately failing DC extended universe with the Worst. Heroes. Ever

Suicide Squad sets place after the events of Batman v Superman and follows a group of villains forced to save the world of an evil entity. The films stars Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Viola Davis and is directed by David Ayer.


The strength of this movie comes from it’s magnificent cast. Will Smith as Deadshot and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn are fantastic. They perfectly capture the essence of each of their characters and one can only hope to see them in better DC movies. The rest of the cast is also great. As usual, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is also terrific. She may be one of the most interesting characters along with Deadshot and Harley Quinn.

The DCEU style continues to be an integral part of the movies. It’s slightly artsy and more daring than your average comic book movie and it does work. The colours and the shots create some unconventional styling that surprisingly works.It’s this kind of style that is going to help distinguish the DC from Marvel. However, sometimes its a style over substance issue that hurts the movie. The style seems to be the focal point and the story is left lacking. There needs to be a balance between both style and story.


However, was there even a story?  Because it was non existent in this movie. It seems like the people involved in the movie never tried to build an interesting story line. What they were preoccupied with was trying to build their characters for other movies. While it does work on a very small level, the movie greatly suffers because of this. All the movie is on the surface is character expositions. While it can be interesting, the way Suicide Squad does it feels forced and rushed. The movie would’ve greatly benefited from having already introduced these characters in prior movies. Then they could’ve done a much stronger story and ultimately a much stronger film.

Suicide Squad does start rather good even though it’s very exposition-y. Nevertheless, it does crash and burn somewhere in third act. It’s very straight forward and it looks terrible. The director has no idea where he’s going with this movie and the third act feels like it’s being made in the moment. Along with it comes some terrible CGI that looks very cartoonish and reminiscent of Fantastic 4.


By far the biggest flaw of Suicide Squad is its horrific editing. The movie doesn’t feel cohesive and scenes are just thrown in the middle of a bunch of scenes in which don’t belong there. The characters sometime feels like their forgetting that there’s an evil entity destroying the world and that’s all because of the editing. It jumps from scenes to scenes and from tone to tone. There’s even one part where the movie jumped from a joke scene to a serious scene within 30 seconds and neither scene made sense. The movie is extremely confusing because of this and it never prevails.

Suicide Squad’s lazy story telling, choppy editing and terrible third act makes it the biggest disappointment of the summer. Apart from interesting characters, nothing in Suicide Squad makes it a worthy competitor against Marvel and that in itself is disappointing.




11 thoughts on “‘Suicide Squad’ can’t surrond its cast with a decent movie – REVIEW

  1. Good review. Yeah, the plot of the movie was way too thin and the editing was a bit choppy. I had high expectations for this movie, but they fell short. There are some redeem qualities to it (Smith, Davis, and Robbie were excellent in it) and the concept is fun. Its not a trainwreck of a movie that some are calling it to be, but it wasn’t super awesome.

  2. As someone who prefers DC comics to Marvel (however I’m not some crazed fanboy) I feel like they are really destroying the DCEU when it comes to film. The exception being the Nolan Batman trilogy, the other films always feel very much like they could use substance and story to go with the he flash and style.

    It hurts but it is true. I enjoy the Marvel films more because let’s face it, they do a much better job of character introductions, story, and flash than the DC films seem to do. I will reserve final judgment until I see the film myself but I get the feeling from everything I’ve seen, it is another case of no story, lots of style which is a real shame because the comics really aren’t done justice, nor are the characters as a result.

    Something I forgot to mention, I actually enjoyed Man Of Steel, contrary to most other people, and that is the only other DC film I can think of that is even half doing a great job with its movie adaptation.

    I’ve noticed this film has been getting an I LOVE IT or I HATE IT (or am very disappointed in it) kind of review from all the reviewers I’ve read or watched thus far. Even with middle grades like C’s the reviewers who give those tend to lean towards more disappointment than anything.

    There doesn’t tend to be an in between on this film.

    1. I love DC. I love the darker tone of the DC comics compared to the Marvel comics. One thing I love is the characters in the DC comics are more interesting than the Marvel characters (except for the X-Men, I think they are the most interesting Marvel characters). That’s why it’s so disapointing but the characters are still loads of fun in the movie with Harley Quinn being my favourite. I just wish the story was better.

      1. Bingo! I have always preferred the darker tone of DC comics. I don’t like that non comic readers often want DC to have a tone more likened to Marvel when comics wise (the exception being certain story arcs) Marvel has always had the lighter tone and DC has always been darker.

        I’m excited at the idea of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and the few clips I’ve seen give me high hopes for her portrayal. I am glad to hear that most reviews agree she was great though.

        Great review by the way. I love reading your thoughts on film.

        Cheers! ^_^

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