‘Nerve’s fun and goofy premise gets betrayed in the end – REVIEW

Nerve fais to finish a rather interesting premise in a relevant and careful way

Nerve is a Pokemon GO sort of app where you can either be a player or a watcher. A player gets dares from watchers, however, the dares get increasingly more dangerous until you are a prison of this game. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco stars in this neon filled thriller and the Paranormal Activity veterans Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost sit in the directing chair.


At its brightest, Nerve is a fun and goofy movie. The premise is fun and believable to some extent…yeah, only to some extent. It’s interesting and you like watching the characters complete dares while there being drama around the characters. Their are some attempts at making the characters well-rounded and they do succeed with Emma Roberts’ character. She is the one who is more relatable and the more interesting of the gang.

When the movie keeps it simple, it’s great and fun. It’s only when the movie tries to get less simple that movie just gets really unbelievable. Characters are stripped away of their humanity and the game just gets very far-fetched. The audience just can’t buy that the police isn’t investigating this dangerous game with all the people filming it on their phone. The movie doesn’t even do a good job at explaining how this game is kept secret. You just need to accept it and move on.


Emma Roberts and Dave Franco work perfectly together. Their charismas are fun to watch and Roberts is the best i’ve seen her in a while. For once, she wasn’t the bitchy mean girl of the school. Franco, on the other hand, is also good and he works as this companion for Roberts’ character. However, the audience can’t connect to his character as much because the mystery and the back story surrounding him is so rushed.

The worst part of Nerve comes when the movie tries to staple together a resolution and an ending to tie everything together. They try to make the plot more complicated and it feels very rushed. All of the story lines are cut abruptly and it felt like the directors were like “Ok guys we have 15 minutes to end this movie for it to fit in the 90 minutes mark. Let’s go!” For that reason, they complete burn down what they were building and what they were building was good. It’s very frustrating that for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, the audience was watching something rather fun only for it to be butchered at the very end.

Even the ending is so rushed. You don’t even get answers about the game or the owners. The mystery of the game is never answered and there is a poor attempt at making a final twist that is just cringe-worthy.


Bottom line is Nerve’s premise is fun, exciting and goofy but the rushed resolution and the choppy ending sucks the movie of its potential. Up until the third act, Nerve was a rather good popcorn summer movie, however, it got too complicated for its own good and it didn’t know how to end itself. All in all, it’s a very disappointing movie that could’ve been much more.


3 thoughts on “‘Nerve’s fun and goofy premise gets betrayed in the end – REVIEW

  1. Nice review. I do want to see this movie, but I’ve been too busy to check it out (gonna try next week). Like you said, it looks like a fun premise.

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