5 Reasons To Go See ‘Lights Out’in Theaters This Weekend

Lights Out is the new horror movie produced by James Wan. It made big waves as it got a $21.7M in it’s opening weekend. We are now going into the second weekend and with some big blockbusters coming out this weekend, here is a list on 5 reasons to go see Lights Out if you haven’t already.

5. You’re Directly Supporting Indie Film-Making


Did you know Lights Out started as a short film? It received so much attention online that James Wan saw it and decided to give the director a chance to make his very own movie. Going to see this movie in theaters will help make indie films more relevant as they are getting less and less attention.

4. There’s A Sequel Coming


The box office numbers were so impressive that the studio just announced that they’re making Lights Out 2. Better get on track now, because this might be the next big horror franchise like The Conjuring!

3. James Wan Has Approved


Not only did James Wan produced the movie, the master of modern horror is a big fan of David Sandberg. He even said that Sandberg reminds him of himself in the way he approaches horror. He said that working on the set made him feel back when we was working on Saw.

2. It’s About Something More Than Horror


Yes, you heard right! This is an actual horror movie with depth and emotions. I’m surprised as well. Not much horror movies today have this much depth and character development, so we take it as they come!

1. It’s Actually Good


Horror movies today are all filled with jump scares, but this movie is filled with good non-false jump scares which is a rare phenomenon. Also, the characters feel genuine and are surprisingly smart. Bottom line, if you’re tired of the same old cliché horror movies then do yourself a favor and support good horror film-making.




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  1. Jason

    I’m not much of a horror, so I probably won’t see this movie. However, I have recommended the movie to people I know who like these types of flicks. Great job!

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