Liebster Award

Thank you, Ben, from Views From The Sofa for nominated me. I have done a Liebster Award in the past, but unfortunately I deleted it by mistake. Oups!


1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Ghostbusters?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Just because I had a pillow.

2. He-Man or Liono from the Thundercats?

He-Man, because of the viral Youtube clip.

3. Cinema or Blu-Ray/DVD?

Cinema for sure. Nothing like watching a movie in theatres

4. Hot drink on a cold day or a cold drink on a hot day?

Cold drink on a hot day. I prefer cold drinks always.

5. Classic Video Games or New Generation?

Classic Video Games. NES and Nintendo 64, but I would consider Gamecube classic as well.

6. WWE Today or WWE Attitude?

I only watch tennis and hockey (cuz i’m Canadian), so I wouldn’t know.

7. Mad Max Gibson or Mad Max Hardy?

Hardy all the way. He has yet to make a bad movie.

8. Batfleck or Batbale?

Batbale. No one can beat him!

9. Civil War – are you team Iron Man or Captain America?

Team Captain America!

10. Thor’s Hammer or Luke’s Lightsaber?


11. You have to take part in one – Hunger Games or Battle Royale?

Hunger Games.

So now, here are my nominees…






And here are the questions…

  1. Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer
  2. Horror Movies or Romantic Comedies
  3. What’s your favourite director?
  4. Any movies you would like people to check out this year that you think didn’t  get enough waves?
  5. What’s a movie that everyone hated but you loved?
  6. What’s your favourite athlete?
  7. What’s your favourite actor or actress?
  8. What is a movie you rather watch on VHS?
  9. What’s your favourite horror movie?
  10. Worst movie of this year?
  11. Most anticipated movie of the rest of the year?


Add Yours
  1. Ghezal

    How do you do, fellow Canadian? Man… the hours we spent playing 007’s Nightfire and Mario Party Whatever on the classic Gamecube makes me weep for the past. Thanks for the nom!

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