7 Pixar Movies To Get You In The Mood For ‘Finding Dory’

Pixar has always been a big force in Hollywood. Their movies almost always do very good at the box office. This coming weekend should be no different with one of the most anticipated movie this year – Finding Dory. This coming weekend, Finding Dory is set to open at $115 million. This would be Pixar’s biggest opening movie ever. This certainly comes from the fact that people waited 13 years for a sequel to the beloved Finding Nemo. Even after all those years, the Finding Nemo brand is still strong, but Pixar still have other really strong brands. Is Finding Nemo the best Pixar movie?

7. WALL-E (2008)


Everyone fell in love with the cute lovable little robot that was WALL-E. The heavy commentary on the current state of the world has shocking and eye-opening. That was helped by having an amazing story and an unusual protagonist. To this day WALL-E is still one of Pixar’s best animation. May I say, where is WALL-E 2?

6. Monster Inc (2001)


Still considered on of Pixar’s best work. This creative and in dept look at every child’s biggest nightmare was brilliant. The business that was scaring children is Pixar at its best. The emotional story mixed with the humor is fantastic. Pixar really excelled in the tone department for this one.

5. The Incredibles (2004)


A twist on the modern superhero movies, The Incredibles were just a bunch of relatable ordinary people. What worked was making the superhero genre into something very human. All the people really worked because of the simple fact that the movie dived in to how life was for people with powers.

4. Toys Story 3 (2010)


Really the best of the trilogy, Toys Story 3 shows our relationship with our toys in a compelling way. We all been kids with toys and this movie shows the relationship as we get older. Emotional and heart wrenching are at the core of this movie but Pixar still finds a way to inject witty humor.

3. Inside Out (2015)


What goes on in a young one’s mind? Inside Out shows us that there is actually a lot going in there. The personification of emotions was brilliant while offering the viewer more ”people” to root for. The world building and story were oozing of greatness solidifying that Pixar is still going strong after all these years.

2. Finding Nemo (2003) 


I remember seeing Finding Nemo in theatres and after the credits came I was still in awe. Pixar really used the ocean’s beauty to their advantage, painting a beautiful looking drawing in every shot. The adventure is exciting and thrilling. Still to this day, these are Pixar’s most remembered characters because they are so well written. Just reciting the names Dory and Nemo strikes familiar territory.

1. Up (2009)


Pixar’s best movie is no doubt the grumpy old man with the boy scout. Up’s story is still one of the best story line in animation. It perfectly balances witty humor and gut wrenching emotions. The back story is painful and it sticks to you. Everything about the story is on point. I believe Pixar should strongly look into making a sequel – like now, please.

What’s your favourite Pixar movie?





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  1. Jaden C. Kilmer

    Ok so I make a differentiation between “favorite” and “best.” So here’s my top 7 *favorite* Pixar movies.

    1A. A Bug’s Life

    1B. Finding Nemo

    3. The Incredibles

    4. Toy Story 3

    5. Inside Out

    6. Monster’s Inc

    7. Wall-E

    A Bug’s Life is my favorite because it’s one of the defining movies of my childhood, so I’ve got a personal love and connection with it. Speaking from an unbiased perspective, it’s probably near the bottom in quality. But for me, it’s my favorite.

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