Top 5 directors for the Captain Marvel movie

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel? That’s how it is looking like as of now. The Oscar winning actress is the front runner for the role. Now, fans were rooting for Emily Blunt as her career has yet to break through. A big role like this would have been a great gift for the wonderful actress she is. However, things are not looking like going her way. Maybe next time Emily Blunt. Although, I myself was rooting for Emily Blunt, Brie Larson does not seem like a bad idea.

Other surprising news from Marvel is the directors they are eyeing to direct this female superhero. As of right now, indie darlings Niki Caro and Jennifer Kent are the most-likely to direct this film. However, I prepared a list on my thoughts for who should be the director for Captain Marvel. One thing that i’m excited for is that Marvel is looking into a female director something that not a lot of studios are considering. Kudos on that Marvel!

5. Niki Caro 

This director has made many indie fans proud with films like McFarland, USA and Whale Rider. One thing is for certain, Caro is a fabolous director. However, the reason she is number 5 is i’m doubting her ability in directing fight scenes which are a pivotal part in a superhero movie like Captain Marvel. If they do picki her, i’m hoping to be surprise.


4. Karyn Kusama 

Kusama is a director Hollywood keeps ignoring. With her hits like Girl Fight, Jennifer’s Body and her most recent and hands down her best movie to date, The Invitation. I have yet to understand why she is not considered for more bigger projects. I believe she would make a good Captain Marvel coming off her best film. She has the momentum and she should be ready to direct a big movie soon.


3. Ava DuVernay

After Selma, people were saying DuVernay was going to be a force in the movie world. However, she has refused Marvel’s Black Panther and just is not making any stride forward. Captain Marvel would be a perfect opportunity to make those wrongs right.  However, the question remains if she would want to make that movie that she no doubt has the talent for.


2. Katheryn Bigelow

The Zero Dark Thirty director has an untitled project coming in 2017 according to IMDb. Nevertheless, Bigelow would be a perfect director for Captain Marvel. She proves time and time and time again that she can make marvelous movies. The MCU seems to be going in a more dark direction and I feel like Bigelow could perfectly capture that tone.


1. Jennifer Kent

All in all, I believe Kent is the best director for this movie. I’m dying to see more movies of her after her brilliant movie, The Babadook. Marvel would miss a big oppurtunity if they do not bring her in as a director. The Australian would do an awesome job with this movie just like James Wan did with Furious 7.


Do you agree with this list? Who do you want to direct the Captain Marvel movie. 




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