Careful What You Wish For is a plain Lifetime-esque sexy thriller – REVIEW

The Nick Jonas Lifetime-esque thriller does not have neither the spark nor the surprise its searching for

Careful What You Wish For is a thriller directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum and stars Nick Jonas, Isabelle Lucas and Dermot Mulroney. The story is about a young man who has an affair with his married sexy neighbour and from there on things happen…because it needs too.


There only needs to be one word to describe this movie and it is – generic. Yes, Rosenbaum brings absolutely nothing new to the sexy thriller genre (if that is even a genre). You’ve seen it done before and surprisingly better. Heck, The Boy Next Door staring Jennifer Lopez was better and it was not even that good. The story has nothing going for it. The characters  are your cliché card board cut out thriller characters.

Isabelle Lucas does a really bad job of portraying the mysterious aspect of her character. Her performance is so boring and bad that you kind of feel for her at some points. The way her character has written has just a poor sexist female character. She does not have interests nor does she have anything else except being a cheating wife. From a movie stand point, there is nothing that will make you love her or even hate her. Nick Jonas does a better job but his character again is just so boring. There is nothing to his character to make him a character worth rooting for. On top of that, his character is so dumb and his dumbness drives the story. I hate when a characters stupidity is the driving force of the story. I feel like it is a sloppy way of advancing the story.


Now, there is a twist to this movie. It it is that kind of twist that makes sense but is so predictable. I saw it coming from a mile away. I kept asking myself “are they really going to do this twist?” And of course they did! It was the most generic and common twist ever.

The thing that seemed so out-of-place was the forced symbolism. They made Isabelle Lucas’ character wear white clothing and I mean like excessive white clothing. After she does something which I will not spoil, she wears all black clothing. It was just so cliché and just so forced. Why would do that? Who thought it was a good idea?


Careful What You Wish For is like a perfect white house with white walls and white furniture. There just is never that splash of colour it desperately needs. All they do is bring in more white furniture. There is never that creative direction so the movie follows its same old deja-vu path.


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