Top 6 things we need from the new John Carpenter-produced Halloween movie

There has been talk about a new Halloween movie for a while now. I haven’t been particularly excited for it because there wasn’t anything to be excited for really. I was thinking to myself not another cheap found footage horror movie like Halloween: Resurrection. However, recently John Carpenter has confirmed that he will executive produce the new Halloween movie. This news combined with Mike Flanagan possibly being the director makes me more excited for this Halloween movie. Still, there needs to be more done to make this movie a success with critics as well with the audiences.

1. A good horror director is needed

After the incredible Oculus and his most recent Netflix thriller Hush, Mike Flanagan doesn’t seem like a bad idea. He understands what is scary or creepy better than most horror director today. His old school horror approach would be the perfect thing needed to revive this franchise. Another candidate would be James Wan. Coming off his successful horror, The Conjuring, he knows how to bring people in the theatre. His films are usually well received by audience and critics alike. Wan understands what movie goers want but still knows how to please old school horror movie enthusiast. I believe he would be the perfect director for this resurrecting franchise.


2. An unconventional artsy approach would be welcomed

Horror movies like It Follows have this very artsy approach which both critics and audience seem to love. It seems that movie goers are tired of the typical horror movies, like – dare I say – Paranormal Activity. Horror movie lovers are looking for something different and fresh. That is why movies like The Conjuring and Insidious are constantly toping the box office. The best way to achieve this is by having good writers, good direction and excellent cinematography. Speaking of cinematography, this brings me to my next point.


3. Alluring and creepy cinematography is the key 

Cinematography in a horror movie is more important than most people think. To achieve the creepiness and suspense, you need great camera work. The original Halloween was shot by cinematographer Dean Cundey, who also shot Jurassic Park, Back to the Future and The Thing. However, if they cannot get him, the best would be to get Roger Deakins. His night shots in Sicario are the best I’ve ever seen put to film. In a movie like Halloween and most horror movies, the preferred time of day is usually night-time. I believe Roger Deakins would perfectly balance creepiness, beauty and horror. Just what this movie needs.


4. John Carpenter needs do the score 

I can still hear the Halloween theme song playing in my head and my personal favourite, The Fog theme song. What do they have in common? John Carpenter! He made the scores for just about every movie he has made and the new Halloween movie shouldn’t be different. A nice hair-raising ’80s synth throwback should do the trick.


5. Bring Jamie Lee Curtis back

Jamie Lee Curtis is what made the Halloween franchise so great. John Carpenter has said that they “want to go back to basics” with the new movie, so how about really going back to basic with a Jamie Lee Curtis main character role. With John Carpenter on board, it shouldn’t be hard to convince her to come back. I mean is that too much to ask?


6. However, bring new talent 

Halloween was Curtis’ debut film, so why not bring new talent. One worthy candidates would be The Witch‘s Anya Taylor-Joy. She was magnificent in The Witch and is an up-and-coming actress. We saw how likeable and strong she could be. Her line deliveries were so good.  If Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t return, I would seriously consider Taylor-Joy for the lead.


Do you agree with my list? Is there something missing? Are you as excited about this new Halloween movie as I am?



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