‘The Nice Guys’ Review: Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling Star In This Bizarre Dark Comedy

Unconventional, stylishly bizarre and darkly comical, The Nice Guys is a surprising summer comedy that works on every level

The Nice Guys is directed by Iron Man 3’s director, Shane Black. This dark comedy movie stars Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe as a not so good private investigator and a hitman. They are brought together when a girl, who is in danger, seems to be connected to the death of a porn star.


The best way to describe this movie is like an old vintage popular toy. While it may not have been worth much in those days, its value keeps rising to where its worth a surprising amount of money. The Nice Guys is exactly that vintage toy that was once popular. Remember all the buddy-cop movies? People used to love those kind of movies, until they got repetitive and uninteresting. Shane Black has found a way to revive this franchise and make it unique. It has this Twin Peaks feel where characters seem weird and awkward, but at the same time feel realistic. Characters visit strange weird places without giving too much thought about what they are experiencing. However, it never feels forced because the movie capitalizes on the hippie culture of the ’70s.

I need to really applaud Shane Black for his portrayal of the ’70s. Although, I never personally lived in the ’70s, I could recognize the subtle hints and symbol of ’70s culture. The aspect of the movie is so well realized and so well executed that it makes for a fun period piece. The last time I saw a period this well realized was on the AMC’s Mad Men. The hippies would be proud.


From past experiences with comedy movies, writers usually focus more on making good jokes then creating a compelling story. The Nice Guys is definitely not this kind of movie because the plot of this movie is complex and interesting. It started out as a mystery and the story kept developing until a very satisfying climax brings it to an end. Nevertheless, the jokes are not lacking either in any shape or form. Seeping out of these jokes are the ’70s culture topped off with racism and sexism. Combine that with dark humour making for some very awkwardly funny moments. There is a lot of moments where audience feel about laughing to certain jokes or action and this is where the movie shines.


The characters were really good. Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe were very good as always. However, for me, the best character was Ryan Goslings’ character’s daughter. Her line deliveries were flawless and her character was very well written. I could not help but laugh every time she was on-screen and thankfully that was plentiful.

The Nice Guys is a surprising summer comedy movie. Not being a big fan of comedy myself, I was totally blown away with how much I enjoyed this film. I personally tend to prefer darker movies like horrors, thrillers and dramas. Nonetheless, the mash-up of the story, the comedy, the style and the tone, which otherwise would not necessarily work together, are perfectly boxed and wrapped, by director Shane Black, in a weird vintage wrapping paper.

**I’m surprised at the number of great movies this year. Already 4 films that I have given an A+ to. Can’t wait to see what movies come out next!


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