‘Captain America: Civil War’ Review: The Russo Brothers Make A Darker Edition To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo adds a fun, action packed superhero movie into its Marvel Cinematic Universe that does not shy away from serious and dark aspects

The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to make it a duty to watch every movie they release. Fortunately, they make it worth your while because Captain America: Civil War is one of the best Marvel movies after The Avengers. The Russo Brothers’ superhero flick stars Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olson, Chadwick Boseman, Antony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as superheroes who try to make the world a better place. Too bad that does not happen all the time. Destruction often happens and people die making the governments’ trust in The Avengers slip away until they are pressured to sign a divisive waver.


Captain America: Civil War is a darker and more serious Marvel movie and because of this, the movie can explore all the things it wants to explore. As with many Marvel movies, the tone is on point. The writers know exactly when to be serious and when to be funny. They know the limit of when to be dark and when to be light hearted. The big questions are there and stick with you throughout the movie. Never are you asked to pick a side because you know where both characters are coming from. The morals of each characters stems from a place inside them and the history they have been through.

The best part of this movie has to be the incredible action scenes. The Russo Brothers definitely know how to capture action. The cast and their stun doubles do an amazing job selling the action. The fighting scenes were often jaw dropping and were both fun and thrilling. A stand out has to be Scarlett Johansson and her stun double. They did such and amazing job and produced the best action scenes in the whole movie. The average movie goer usually goes to see these types of movies for these very scenes and for the movie to nail every action scenes that has to mean something.


It was nice to see the characters use their powers to help each other, but on the other hand, it was also entertaining to see the characters fight other. Often, you have a team of superheroes fighting individually. The fun of a superhero movie is to see the characters work with each other to defeat the threat. Here, the writers are well aware of this and deliver on big level. Both team use their powers to help each other out and that makes for some very satisfying and mind blowing action.

The Captain America series keeps on getting better with each movie and there is nothing more you can ask for. Civil War is by far the best of this series and a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel solidifies its dominance in recent years and proves with Civil War that it is and will still be the one to beat.


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