Mad Max: Fury Road – Review

What a lovely day it was indeed! Mad Max: Fury Road is a horror-action hybrid directed by George Miller and stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicolas Hoult. This is the 4th sequel of the Mad Max series and centres around Mad Max, played by Tom Hardy, who has been kidnap by cult who has been abusing women. Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, escapes with these woman and try to find a new place to live. When chaos begins, Mad Max is caught right in the middle and forced to pick a side. Mad Max: Fury Road is alluring macabre and beautifully grotesque. It is one of the best action movies i’ve seen in while!

George Miller finds the perfect balances between the storytelling scenes and the over the top action scenes. You root for these characters even though you know little about because you know just enough to make you fall in love with them. Charlize Theron really delivers a amazing performance as Furiosa. She is so bad-ass and it is a breath of fresh air to finally see women compete at the guys level. Tom Hardy does also a great job as Mad Max, however it’s really Charlize Theron that steals the show.

Visually this movie is just so aesthetically beautiful and alluring. The shots and the CGI all look magnificent throughout the film. Fury Road is pretty brutal and grotesque at times, but the stunning practical effects blends perfectly well with beautiful shots to make an oddly mesmerizing effect. This is due to George Millers great direction. The decision to make this movie 3D did not seem forced at all. It complimented Miller’s beautiful yet dark atmosphere.

Personally, I loved that the film does not try to appeal to the mainstream audiences, because it shows just how bold and risky George Miller is. I believe he made the movie because Fury Road was a great addition to the Mad Max series and it does fit so well.

Mad Max: Fury Road is an alluringly grotesque action-horror hybrid that is as bad-ass as Charlize Theron’s Furiosa.

Rating: A+



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