‘The Defenders’ Review: The Team Is United In An Underwhelming Netflix Limited Series

source: Netflix

Despite its many flaws, The Defenders’ diverse and compelling characters make it worthwhile

Netflix’s Marvel Cinematic Universe was once an exciting subject for fans of The Defenders. They got to see their favorite heroes’ separate series and Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and even Luke Cage’s stand-alone series were all surprisingly good. People seem to have forgotten that they were the first series to make Netflix a considerable network capable of spewing out high-quality content. Now, with this in mind, it’s rather disappointing that the highly anticipated team up is a sub-par 8-episode limited series only saved by the characters we already learned to love.


15 End-Of-Year Movies You Need To See

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Don’t miss these 15 buzz-worthy movies that will surely end the year with a bang

Now that you feel the cold air on your skin and the leaves are starting to change, you know that summer is finally over. Looking back, we had some pretty awesome movies from Dunkirk to Baby Driver. However, we still had some pretty awful stuff ranging from The Mummy to Transformers: The Last Knight. But with that cold air arriving, we have a new batch of movies coming as well.

For me, end of the year movies are often the best. Not only is it the start of Oscar season but this year, we have some great blockbusters to look forward to. I’ve managed to narrow it down to 15 films you cannot miss in the coming months.

FilmInquiry.com – ANNABELLE: CREATION: The Conjuring Universe Is Off To A Solid Start

source: Warner Bros. Pictures

After Marvel successfully made it, DC tried it, then, the Dark Universe tried it, and now The Conjuring is trying it. Of course, I’m talking about the ever-so-popular cinematic universe. The series of films that studios want more than a franchise, the money machines that power studios to fame, but the thing that sacrifices the now for the future.

We’ve seen it with the DCEU, we’ve seen it with the Dark Universe, but surprisingly, The Conjuring universe is shaping up to be, at least, a decent horror universe. That surely wasn’t the case when Annabelle first came along, as I wasn’t very convinced that a universe surrounding Ed and Lorraine Warren could work. However, Annabelle: Creation defies all odds and serves as a solid start to what could be a very promising universe.

FilmInquiry.com – ATOMIC BLONDE: Charlize Theron Is An Action Movie Star

source: Entertainment One

At first glance, David Leitch‘s latest action flick looked like a female version of his very successful John Wick franchise. It had the same style, similar leading character, and from the trailers, a similar story. If it were the case, Atomic Blonde would have stopped the progression done to women in film instead of riding with the tide. Therefore, I am happy to announce to you that Atomic Blonde isn’t an exact copy of John Wick, and while it isn’t as good, there are still excellent elements that help redeem this spy thriller.

FilmInquiry.com – KIDNAP: Halle Berry Has Hit Rock Bottom

source: Entertainment One

Remember Halle Berry? The first black woman to ever win an Academy Award For Best Actress. Remember Catwoman? Oh, how people were shocked to see such a talented actress stuck in a truly terrible film. Remember The Call? People were confused as to why she just could not find work to the caliber of her acting. Well, after the disastrous Kidnap, I think it’s finally safe to say that Halle Berry‘s acting career has hit rock bottom. Kidnap almost serves as a warning sign to other Oscar-winning actresses – movies like Kidnap will permanently kill your career.

‘The Dark Tower’ Review: Idris Elba Is Caught In A Rushed YA Adaptation Of A Popular Stephen King Series

source: SONY

The latest Stephen King adaptation looks nothing like a Stephen King novel come to screen

It’s a terrific year for Stephen King fans…or so it may seem. A new adaptation of It is just around the corner, and there are a couple of TV series adaptations as well. But nothing is more exciting than an adaption of Stephen King’s popular book series The Dark Tower. This movie could possibly give way to a Stephen King franchise or even a Stephen King universe. However, The Dark Tower is so uninspired and cliché that it’s no wonder the movie is so short.

‘To The Bone’ Review: Lily Collins’ Transformation Is Striking In This Bare Bone Eating Disorder Drama

source: Netflix

Marti Noxon pulls from personal problems to deliver a raw and real drama

It’s not very common for movies to deal with tricky subject let alone deal with eating disorders. I get it, though, it can be tricky to portray this type of sensitive matter in a world obsessed with militant political correctness or the over reactive backlash to the first movement. So, to be so unapologetic as Marti Noxon’s To The Bone is a triumph of its own. A touch of delicacy and emotionality, this eating disorder drama has a healthy balance continuing Netflix’s trend of controversial content.