Top 10 Best Movies of 2017

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From Get Out to Logan, here are my top 10 movies of 2017

I have no idea if it’s the rising political tension in America or the controversies in Hollywood but 2017 has been a fantastic year for film. This year, we’ve seen a nice mixture of indie movies and big-budget extravaganzas. And not one over-shadowed the other. Previous years, there had been an over-emphasis on mainstream blockbusters such as superhero movies and audiences didn’t have a chance to see the smaller films. Not this year. Films like It Comes At Night, or Lady Bird would have never been released in my neck of the woods, and I’m glad they did.

A common theme in my list includes directorial debuts. From Jordan Peele to Greta Gerwig to Taylor Sheridan, these first-time directors are ones to watch for in the future. And as we continue our fight for diversity, movies have been quite diverse this year. The sleeper hit, Get Out, proved that film about race can be mega hits while female directors are starting to push through. With the push from the current American president and movements such as the #MeToo movement, 2017 has created some of the best movies of the century. Here are just 10 of my favorites.


‘Molly’s Game’ Review: Jessica Chastain Is Molly Bloom In A Disappointing Directorial Debut From Aaron Sorkin

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Jessica Chastain shines in an otherwise drawn-out biopic

Aaron Sorkin has written many great films such as The Social Network and Steve Jobs. In his directorial debut, he tells a story we tend not to see on the big screen: a flawed independent woman running her own business. However, Sorkin’s obsession with dialogue and writing leads Molly’s Game caught in its own game.

Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2017

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It’s time to celebrate Hollywood’s 2017’s pile of trash

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the time when I look back at the most boring, infuriating, and just plain terrible films of the year. Of course, every year has there own pile of garbage that needs to be recognized along with the best. 2017 has been, for the most part, a great year for movies but we’ve also gotten some truly terrible films. Yes, we’ve received movies from failed cinematic universe starters to unfunny comedies to stories about crazy women to talking machines. All of these films either gave me a headache, bored me out of my mind, made me roll my eyes or made me fall asleep. Since I had to endure them, I compiled this list so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here are my 10 worst movies of 2017.

5 Surprising Movies Of 2017

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This year, many disappointing trends turned good

Each year, I want to celebrate films that changed my perspective of them. These 5 films aren’t necessarily the best movies of the year, but they surprised me in ways that I didn’t expect. These are movies that are either tied to a long tradition of terrible (either the franchise or the director) or just didn’t look good from the trailer but managed to defy all odds. Here are my 5 most surprising movies of 2017.

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review: Rian Johnson Takes A Beloved Franchise Into Bold And New Territory

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a blockbuster triumph

It’s no secret, even to longtime fans, that the Star Wars movies are formulaic films. They follow a certain path that leads to a certain victory. And not to say that the formula doesn’t work, because it indeed does and trying something new wasn’t always Star Wars‘ biggest success (yes, I mean the prequels). However, as Star Wars is being directed by auteur filmmakers, that comforting formula will be challenged. Star Wars: The Last Jedi manages to subvert expectations while delivering a worthy sequel that takes its place among the best of the franchise.

‘Lady Bird’ Review: Greta Gerwig’s Directorial Debut Takes Flight

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Saoirse Ronan is brilliant in this semi-autobiographical masterpiece by first-time director Greta Gerwig

There are always two sides to adolescence – the one you remember and the one you see in movies. It’s rare for any film to mirror real life, mostly because it’s a messy and often times incomprehensible part of who we are as people. However, here enters Greta Gerwig’s compelling coming-of-age story. With Lady Bird, the famous saying “life imitates art far more than art imitates life” is no longer applicable.

‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ Review: Frances McDormand​ Is A Powerhouse In This Dark Comedic Morality Play

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Martin McDonagh balances comedy and dark subjects to deliver one of the greatest films of the year

Gruesome murders, horrific rape, and heartbreaking abuse don’t sound like the next great plot for a comedy. Of course, these subjects aren’t funny in any way, and if a comedy would attempt to make a joke out of abuse or rape, it would certainly be in poor taste. But with Martin McDonagh as the writer-director, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a successful balancing act that features an Oscar-worthy return from Frances McDormand.